Q: No USB Keyboards work. HID Keyboard Device will not install. Says No Driver Found.

I just recently bought a new keyboard, it's just a generic USB Keyboard there's nothing fancy about it.  It's an HP Elite USB Keyboard, and my Windows 7 system will not recognize it.  I thought it was just the keyboard because I have had several other USB devices connected to the machine so I tried another USB keyboard and that one did the same thing.  "windows was unable to install the driver". When I try to manually go in and install HID Keyboard Driver it comes back and says this device cannot start code 10. Right now i'm using an old ps/2 keyboard and would like to use my usb keyboard.  It works in the BIOS, or any other OS but the one that's installed.  I really do not want to do a fresh install as I have many games and stuff saved on this install. The keyboard does work on any other computer I plug it into.



Hi Sean,


This could be caused due to driver issue. I would suggest you to try these steps and check if it helps.


Method 1:

You may use the hardware and devices troubleshooter and check if it lists any issues-


Method 2:

I would also suggest you to download the latest chipset drivers from the manufacturer website and check.

Refer to the below link for assistance–



Hope this helps and keep us posted.


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