Q: multi card reader wont work until Windows 7 64-bit

Hello, I have recently started using the new Windows 7 64-bit system.
It works beautifully but for one problem.

I have two drives it does not recognize.
1: is my multi-card reader. This internal driver was installed when I got my machine (originally with XP). I do not know what make it is but the machine is a few years old
2: is my Dell external floppy drive. It is not USB connected, I don't know what the name for it is but it is bolted in at the back.

So far I have found no answers on the internet sept for similar problems other are having and no answer found. The only thing I have found was a message that pops up after my computer goes to sleep automatically, stating about an unknown driver. Tried to update but said it was updated already.

I can assure that everything is connected and is in working order. I am running with Intel duel core (2?) and using a ATI graphics card (up-to-date for 7, 64-bit)

If you could find out the answer to my problem I would be very grateful
Thank you for taking the time to read my question ~E Heitmann



Hello Edwooger,

1.     How do you connect your External Floppy drive if it is not connected via USB?

2.     What is the make and Manufacturer if your Dell computer?

You will need to install the latest drivers for the Multicard reader to work. I suggest that you go to the computer Manufactures’ website to download the latest drivers for the Card Reader. You can check out the below article that will give you information on how to update drivers:

Also try to download and install the latest drivers for the Chipset. You can download the latest chipset drivers from the Dell Support website.

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