Q: Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 4000 not responding as expected with drivers

I got the Microsoft Desktop set 4000 using win 7 x32 w/ the latest ipoint/type software drivers from MS.
Keyboard-wireless comfort keyboard 4000
Mouse- wireless laser 5000.

When i had XP everything ran fine. When i installed Win7 everything ran fine for a while, then out of no where during a game, it seems like the mouse and keyboard would interfere with each other. Say if im moving the mouse and pressing multiple keys, then either a key would get skipped or the mouse would become choppy. The keyboard would not miss any keystrokes if it is used by itself. This applies to the mouse also, it will work fine when it is used by itself. The problem only seems to occur when both the mouse and keyboard are used together.
I have tried reinstalling the driver and that did not help. I then tried to uninstall the latest drivers and only used the standard mouse/keyboard drivers and that seemed to improve things but i dont get any of the cool functionalities. However once i restart the computer the new drivers would get reinstalled and the problem would appear again. Are there any suggestions, or does anyone know of any other drivers that would not give me this problem?



Use System Restore to go back to before you installed Intellipoint/Intellitype. 

Connect them (without the software) and Windows Updates should go and find the software for you.  That might do the trick.

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