Q: Microsoft Mouse 5000 Scrolling wheel problem and windows 7

I've purchased a Microsoft Mouse 5000 recently and from day one i realized that the wheel behavior was weird.

For example in Winamp i can scroll up in the playlist but i have to turn the wheel several times downwards before it scrolls anything.

Also i noticed that the scrolling wheel behaves weird in photoshop when zooming and other programs, i tried the windows seven Intelipoint drivers for the 64 bit version witch i have, with no improvement whatsoever.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate RC (i dont remember the RC Version)

Thanks in advance.



This apparently is dependant on the type of Microsoft Mouse you have.
I have a desktop and a laptop.
Desktop uses an old Intellipoint 3.0 while the laptop has a wireless Explorer Mini Mouse.

In the same applications on either machine the scrolling will be different.

The Intellipoint 3.0 will work everywhere as it should while in the same application the Explorer Mini Mouse will just flat out not scroll at all. But it depends on where in the application it is that I'm trying to scroll.


Microsoft Money:
• ABLE to scroll on Options screen, and dialog boxes.
• NOT able to scroll the account Registrar (really annoying btw)

Xara Xtreme (Imaging program)
• ABLE to scroll in options and dialog boxes, and lists (font selections, etc)
• NOT able to scroll on the main display (similar to Photoshop zooming / panning if ctrl is held while scrolling, the zoom is changed)

But, if I use switch my Intellipoint to the laptop, and use it on the same applications WITH THE SAME DRIVER PACKAGE INSTALLED (just switch which mouse I'm using in the Microsoft Mouse settings) then I can scroll all I want.

Unfortunately I've gotten used to moving to the scroll bar in certain places... but that is REALLY IRRITATING and causes more frustration than the mouse is worth sometimes.... I've had this problem for over a year, and I keep hoping that a new driver update will fix it... unfortunately it hasn't.

PS. I dont' know about you, but I really hate searching through Microsoft's "support" pages. Each page seems so Irrelevant to the terms ya searched for... ...makes things really hard to get figured out.

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