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Microsoft Entertainment 8000 Keyboard won't connect.  I'm Using Windows 7, drivers are up to date.  Windows sees the keyboard in connect mode and prompts to insert provided pin.  I can type the pin into the bluetooth keyboard and the pin accepts and informs me the keyboard is installed.  Keyboard never leaves detection mode and the device blinks multiple times before finally shading out to gray pertinently in devices and printers. Selecting properties on the grayed out keyboard icon provides no information since the device is unavailable.  I've tried installing this keyboard on multiple receivers and on multiple computers and devices.  Batteries are fresh.  All signals are were shut off to eliminate any possible interference.  Bluetooth mouse 8000 connects and works fine. 

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Thank you for your reply.  I do not get any error messages.  The computer is completely new and Windows 7 is being used for the first time with this keyboard.  Due to re-utilization of the SSD in the new computer, attempting to use it under the original setup is not possible.

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