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My Windows 7 has detected 3 of my 4 hard drives hooked up. I have drives C E and F, but it wont detect G. The HDD it wont detect does still havewindowsXP installed on it, but i'm still baffled as to why I can't browse it as just another hard drive. Windows XP does detect all the drives and browses the drive with win7 installed on it just fine, but win7 can't browse the drive with XP on it.

My device manager in win7 shows that it's there and working properly in my disk drives, yet it won't display the drive in My Computer.

Is there a way to force Windows 7 to re-detect that hard drive so it will show up in My Computer?



Go to Disk Management and assign a drive letter to the drive.

The drive may hold the boot files for Windows 7, so be careful what you do with it.

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