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My computer crashed 4 days ago and I needed to replace the mother board. During the process I was talked into upgrading from Vista to Windows 7. I spent the last 2 days uploading all my programs and up grading those that didn't work in Windows 7.

I have a WD Passport 160 GB USB HD that did not work when I plug it into the USB port. I called Western Digital support, thinking I needed a new driver. They told me I would need to buy a new portable drive as they were not supporting my passport. Everything works in my computer’s USB ports, flash drives, and phone. The only thing that does not work is my brand new portable drive I just bought  (HP 320 GB) and my old passport. Is there anyone out there who can tell me what is wrong?  Both drive work in 2 other computers both running XP. The WD drive worked well in the old Vista computer.

I have called western digital and HP support. They tell me that the drives are built into windows 7. I have been surfing all night; I can’t find anyone who has a fix for the problem. I ran a system scan looking for hardware drivers from the Microsoft web site. I have installed Window 7 Upgrade Advisor and ran the scan twice. I've check for compatibility on the Microsoft site which says the dive is supported I only need to plug it in and it should work.  The computer won’t even recognize or acknowledge the drive is plug in. I have tried different plugs it still does not work.



After many hours on the phone and surfing the net I was able to fix the problem. I say I but it was really the Technician at MicroTech. I brought the computer back to the service Technician who had replaced the mother board on my computer and had talked me into the new operation system, Windows 7. He tried a bunch of stuff much of the same things I had already tried. After which we installed a new USB card into the expansion slots. Booted up the computer and plugged in the portable hard drives into the new USB ports one at a time and it worked. Windows 7 picked up both hard drives, not only the new hard drive I had just purchased 2 days before (HP SimpleSave 320 GB) but also the old hard drive (WD Passport 160 GB), the one Western Digital support told me would not work in Windows 7 and would not be supported with new drivers.

I was told, the problem with my portable harddrives not being recognized by Windows 7 was when I first plugged the USB portable hard drive into the computer for the first time after installing the new Windows 7 operating system; Windows 7 didn’t recognized the drive as drive, the proper device, and once windows decide it was something else it would not pick up the hard drives. It would keep thinking it was something else. Apparently it was a similar problem they had with the XP operating system.  What the Technician did say, is if I wanted to reinstall Windows 7 and start over, chances are that my old USB ports would probably pick up the portable USB hard drives. Which would mean I would have to start over reinstalling all my programs? It was much easier to just plug the hard drive into the new USB ports. I hope this helps some other of you with the same or similar problems. Reinstall the operating system or spend $30.00 on a new USB board. The old USB ports pick up all other devices except for the portable hard drives. My stuff works great NOW.         


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