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I have a Labtec wireless optical mouse for notebooks. It causes scrolling to involuntarily occur with sliders and drop-down boxes as long as the mouse is hovering over the item.

For example:

1) When I signed up to these forums and had to choose a country the mouse scrolled through the list right to the bottom without my intervention (other than selecting the drop-down box). Almost all drop down boxes tend to be effected regardless of what program it is in.

2) If I try to adjust the volume in the system tray the mouse raises the sound even while I am trying to lower it.

3) In certain programs the mouse will scroll through the page automatically. It does not do this with all programs. Chrome, IE, Firefox, Acrobat, Notepad and many others are not affected.

4) I did not have these issues with XP at all, but I did when I used Ubuntu (mouse would cycle through tabs and always cycle to the first box on the Ubuntu taskbar. I had to alt-tab to change windows.)


5) When I first installed Chrome the mouse would automatically scroll through the tabs to the first one even if all I did was hover over the tabs. I could could only properly select another tab if I clicked it and then moved the mouse from the tabs quickly. 

I did this which fixed the issue:

 "The document suggests changing some registry values to disable this high resolution behavior. Thus I did just that and added the following 2 entries to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\HID\Vid_xxxx&Pid_yyyy\<instance_ID>\Device Parameters 

VScrollHighResolutionDisable = 1

HScrollHighResolutionDisable = 1 )

5) I tried opening up the mouse and removing the mouse wheel. This had no effect. I could not manually scroll but the mouse would still automatically scroll.

I am baffled. Can anyone help?



Hello Seted,

Thank you for your post.  Have you tried using a different mouse or port on your computer?  Also, you could try using your mouse on a different computer to see if the behavior is the same, if it is, the problem could be with your mouse.  Please let us know.


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