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Windows 7 64bit, all Windows updates applied as well as proper hardware drivers.

Hardware is an AMD Phenom II X4 955 CPU - quad core at 3.2Ghz. AMD890GX chipset, 4gig of DDR3 memory. ATI Radeon 4800 PCIe video card.

Mouse is a Wireless Laser Mouse 6000. Fresh batteries. Unobstructed receiver.

When running any kind of program installer, the mouse is very "jerky" on the screen.

Checking the Task Manager, I see that one core is running VERY high - 95%, but the other three cores are near idle. Memory usuage never changes - 1.9gig used. Looking at the Processes tab, the highest CPU usage I see is 2% for Task manager itself.

With three idle cores, why would the mouse be jerky?



The mouse will appear jerky as your screen refreshes and the computer synchronizes with the device during installs. and, the three other cores will appear idle because there are very few multi-threaded programs written to take advantage of your multiple cores. As the technology for quad core processors comes popular, more programs will be written to take advantage of them...
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