Q: Yesterday the mouse of my computer completely stopped responding. It syncs fine with the wireless receiver, and has fresh batteries in it. Read on to see that I've tested both the USB ports and tried using other mice. This thread is locked from future replies

To fix the problem I have already tried:
1. Test the mouse on another computer.  It works fine.
2. Test a different mouse that has been confirmed to work on the problem computer.  No response from that one either.
3. Test both wired and wireless mice that have been tested.  New batteries in the wireless mice.  No response.
4. Test the USB ports by plugging in both thumb drives and a printer into each USB port.  All ports work and load fine.
5. Update driver - no update found
6. Uninstall driver, reboot - mouse not loaded.
7. Uninstall intellipoint, which updated 2 days ago.  No improvement.
8. Uninstall other windows update from 2 days ago.  Still nothing.
9. Beg the computer for mercy because I have a client waiting for a product in 2 days.  Nothing.

This computer is running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
The test laptop is running Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit.
The mouse which is normally allocated to this computer is a Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0



Hi breinicke,


Thank you for posting in Microsoft Answers Community Forums.


I would like to ask few questions regarding the issue,


a.    When was the last time it was working fine before?

b.    Did you make any software or hardware changes to your computer recently?

c.    Is the account type “Administrator” through which you are trying to use the wireless mouse?


Please follow the steps below to help resolve your issue.


Step 1: -


I would suggest you to resynchronize your device with the receiver if you had recently changed batteries to it and check for interference by following “Method 1” and “Method 4” mentioned in the article below. - The Microsoft wireless keyboard or mouse does not respond as expected or responds intermittently.


Also, check the link below to know how to resynchronize your device if you had recently added or changed batteries to it. - How to re-sync your Microsoft mouse after you change the batteries.


Step 2: -


I would suggest you perform System Restore if the device was working fine before.

System Restore is a utility provided in your Operating System to restore to an earlier point when the system was working fine.

It restores all your files and settings configurations of your device’s to a state where it was working fine before.

·         For more information on how to perform System Restore please visit the link below.


Also I have added few links below which would be helpful to resolve your issue.


· - When you use a wireless USB Microsoft pointing device, the pointer moves erratically or does not respond, the pointing device buttons do not respond, or the pointing device is not detected or stops working


· - The Wireless Optical Desktop 2.0 device may stop responding after a computer comes out of standby



Hope this information helped you.



Yaaser - Microsoft Support Engineer


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