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Please help! I have tried everything, including methods on this site.  I can not get my Hp 6510 printer driver installed with the CD or on line. I keep getting failed installation message. The following is also a few error messages while attempting to trouble shoot the problem: (1) Windows can't open add printer. Access denied. (2) Error 5: Failed to add monitor port Hp discovery port monitor (Hp photo smart 6510 series. (3) One of the installers for this device cannot perform the installation at this time. I am going crazy brand new printer. Please help!!!  Thank you

Try a clean boot of the PC and then try the HP cd, only connect the printer when instructed.


PS When you say you've tried everything, unless you say what youve tried, we wont know what.

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Sorry this didn't help.

I tried the clean boot but the driver download failed again. 

When I said I tried everything I tried troubleshooting through HP first level support. Hours on the phone I was promised a call back from second level support three times. They never called back so I sent a letter to HP and here I sit with a new printer that I can't get the driver to download.  Thank you for your help

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Please follow the methods and check the issue:


Method 1:


I suggest you to download the printer drivers from the below link and check the issue.


Method 2:


Open the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter:


Method 3:


Hardware devices are not working or are not detected in Windows:


Method 4:


Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly:


Method 5:


Printer problems in Windows:


Hope this helps.

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Sorry this didn't help.

First of all thanks for taking the time to help me. I went through methods 1-5 twice, all installs failed. The only method that did pass all checks was the hardware & devices troubleshooter. The following areas passed the test: Connectivity, device status, print test, copy test. I don't understand how I was able to print the general purpose test- print evaluation without a driver installed.  Is the driver not needed for that? or is it the way the test communicates with the printer?  Also today I installed the driver on my daughters computer and it installed great and is able to use the printer fine.  So the printer is ok. My question is what is assisting the driver installalltion? Is it my operating system windows 7 home premium? Is there a problem there? What is directly responsible or driver installs?  Any additional ideas or help would be appreciated. Thanks to all of you that spend your valuable time to help others.

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You are Welcome.


I would suggest you to follow the below link:


How to Get Your HP Printer Working with Windows 7:



It also looks that there are a few things that need to be installed:


Have you installed Softwares and drivers for the HP Printer website  from the below link?


If not, then follow the link:


Software & Driver Downloads - HP Photosmart 6510 e-All-in-One Printer - B211a:


After installation, verify whether they have successfully installed.


Is your daughter’s computer also running Windows 7 or an earlier Operating System?





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