Q: Cannot Connect to my Printer - Operation Failed with Error 0x00000002

My printer was working with my laptop through a wireless network. Now I cannot print or connect to my printer. I am still connected to the network, but I can't connect to the printer. When I try to add it, I can see the printer name and I select it, but I get the error "Windows cannot connect to the printer" [Operation Failed with error 0x00000002]. I changed from Windows Vista to Windows 7 several months ago, but I don't know if that makes a difference (I think I've used the printer at least once since I've change). Please help.



Ive had the same issue.  win7-64bit trying to connect to printer on another win7-64bit pc.

'windows cannot connect to printer'
'error code 0x00000002'

what worked for me:
right click computer, select manage
click 'services and applications', then click 'services'
scroll down to 'print spooler', right click and select 'properties'
click 'STOP' the service, then click 'START' service.

start the 'add printer' wizard and it was working, yay!

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1. Are you able to share the files on the Windows 7 computer with the other computers on the network?

2. How have you connected all the computers on the network?

If computers running on different versions of Windows are part of your network, it’s important to use the same workgroup name for all of the computers on your network. This makes it possible for computers running different versions of Windows to detect and access each other. Remember that the default workgroup name is not the same in all versions of Windows.

To change the workgroup name on a computer running Windows Vista or Windows 7

   a. Open System by clicking the Start button, right-clicking Computer, and then clicking Properties.
   b. Under Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings, click Change settings.
   c. In System Properties, on the Computer Name tab, click Change.
   d. In Computer Name/Domain Changes, in Workgroup, type the name of the workgroup you want to use, and then click OK. You will be prompted to restart your computer.

Make sure your firewall allows file and printer sharing; follow the link given to check the settings for the printer to be shared on the network.

Networking home computers running different versions of Windows

Share a printer

Azeez Nadeem - Microsoft Support

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