Q: Acer aspire 5740-6378 will no longer charge the battery in Windows 7

The title sums it up.  I have a new computer that starting yesterday will not charge the battery.  I have not experienced any problems with the battery or power systems before this. 

    *original title - (Plugged in, not charging) with 21% charged battery. It has been this way for 24 hours after many reboots. This is a 2 month old acer aspire 5740-6378. Is there a way to reset the power control software? Until now it has performed very well.*



Managed to find a solution that worked for me.   I'm posting this to help those who like me searched for a forum where this had been fixed.  I emailed acer tech support and they eventually gave me this procedure:


Could you please go through these steps for perform a power drain: 1. Disconnect the AC adapter from the laptop. 2. Remove the battery. 3. Press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds then release it. (You will not see anything happen) 4. Connect the AC Adapter to the laptop. Make sure the AC Adapter is plugged in. 5. Turn the computer on as normal. 6. Once Windows boots, insert the battery. Hope this helps someone! mike

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