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I upgraded from XP to Win7, got everything running smoothly and then a week later upgraded the Motherboard, Processor and Memory. Then the problems started. I have updated every driver known to man and all looks well in the device manager. However after a smooth boot the OS hangs up sometimes 10 minutes later sometimes 1 minute after boot with no activity at all. At times I can go to the internet for a few minutes and browse at times it hangs immediately. I am running with a Selective Startup with only necessary services running. Makes no difference. I can view the event log and get a " The Computer Browser service depends on the Server service which failed to start because of the following error: The dependency service or group failed to start." But I am not sure if that is the cause or the result. Safe Mode works OK.



Your hardware upgrade most likely has a bad or incompatible part.

Memory Testing:  Try running Memtest86+, this runs from a boot disk or CD and should eliminate or confirm if your ram is bad.
Let it run for as long as you can, 2,4,6,8 or more hours, if no errors by then your ram/memory is OK.
Note: One possible problem is using both the original memory sticks and adding additional sticks of memory in the remaining slots which may not be compatitble.

Prime 95

It's a stand alone .exe file contained in a .zip archive. Just choose to run the "stress test" option for 3 hours. If your PC can pass this test both your memory and CPU are fine (close the case cover to maintain proper ventilation). Before you start the Prime95 Stress test download and install the following:

CPUZ (CPU-IZ): CPU-ID (CPUZ): (Click on the 'SPD' tab and verify that all your memory have the same speed ratings)

Core Temp: (Monitors your CPU core temperature, which range from about 35C to 40C at idle and no more than 60C when running Prime95)

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