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Hay all well here is my problem

I built myself a nice new i7 based system i7 920
mb , GIGABYTE EX58-UD3R X58 CORE i7.

6 gig of tripple channel ram
 I am running windows  7 ultimate 64 bit

I currently have 6 hdd in my system

4x320 sata drives raid onto 2 640 units

1x 1t HDD

1x1t HDD external usb drive

now i have had no issues with the raided 320 drives

I boot off one of the 640 raids

Now what keeps happening is any data that i place upon the internal 1t drive, after a couple of days some of it gets damaged, and then i will also get an error saying drive is currupt cannot access.

I know its not the drive since this is a new machine my first thought was faulty hdd, so it has been replaced, yet fault still happens.

I am not sure what i can do to fix this problem or provide you with more information

please help me





It sounds like a hardware problem. Many things could cause corruption on a hard drive. Have you tried a different SATA cable? Try a memory test. Let it run overnight. A marginal power supply could also cause this. Is the drive in question on a different controller from the RAID drives? If so the controller could be bad.

Kerry Brown MS-MVP - Windows Desktop Experience
Kerry Brown MS-MVP - Windows Desktop Experience

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