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I just had my windows 7 home 64bit on C: everything worked perfect .

I bought new hard drive 1tb and formated it as quick format and made new clean installation of my windows 7 on the new hard drive .

Everything worked perfect so i decided to install the video card drivers on the new hard drive where the new OS is installed .

So i have downloaded the catalyst drivers for 64 bit ver 10.2 for windows 7 and my card but when i start installation im getting to where i need to press the INSTALL button when i press it nothing is happening .

After few second im getting window msg say application didnt install right so i can choose to : Reinstall application or Application is working ....something like that .

Sometimes im getting error window say something like Windows detected the program didnt installed properly me some driver file and all ican do is Close .


Whats going on ? Everything worked perfect before .


Now i tried again i saw the installation circle working for 2-3 seconds and thats it nothing is happening not continue .

I tried catalyst drivers and none catalyst i even tried installed directly from my original cd came with the video card even if its older drivers version but same thing not working .


What can i do ?

Video card : ATI RADEON HD 5870 1GB

System os : Windows 7 home 64bit.


Thanks .





Right click on the ATI *.exe file and select Run As Administrator.

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Also try disabling your anti-virus during the install.

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Sorry this didn't help.

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