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Simple copy and paste from internal drive to USB drive intermittently generates 0x80070057 error. Usually does not occur unless copying large folder(s) (over the 1Gb range), file being copied at the time of error is irrelevant. Very frustrating. This is occurring ever since I purchased a Verbatim 1Tb USB drive. Took the drive back and traded for a Iomega 1Tb USB drive. Same problem just $56.00 poorer. Both drives are USB 3.0 compatible. I fully formatted both drives after encountering the problem but it still persists. ChkDsk says everything is OK. Problem occurs when I use my USB 3.0 port and when I use the USB 2.0 port on my laptop. Still have my old book size USB drive and have no problems with it at all. Am using Windows 7 Ultimate N.

Any help would be appreciated!



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