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Windows 7 and old games

When an old game is started in a Windows 7 PC, the game process will be put on hold and an instance of rundll32.exe will load gameux.dll and start a process requiring Internet connectivity, (probably an update of some kind), if the user's PC is connected to the Internet, all goes well and the game launches few seconds later, but if the PC is offline, rundll32.exe will hang retrying indefinitely and consume a lot of CPU usage, killing that process will also kill the game and thus make the user unable to launch the game fault of not having an Internet connectivity, I know this issue have been around since probably Windows 7 was initially launched, and that there are ways to overcome it, but I believe this behaviour should change and the the rundll32.exe process should stop after a number of retries and start the game instead, if you guys at Microsoft could implement this in one of the future updates, I will be quite glad.

What games are you speaking of ? Are they retail disk versions or Steam or other download ?

I've never had this problem with Win7, and the gameux.dll is still there on Win10 as well.

I never used  Game Explorer though. I had one look and though 'bloatware' and never used it,

so maybe that's why I never had a problem ?

Or maybe it was if fixed in an early game related Windows Update (there were several early on) ?

This is only a community form. There are no 'you guys at Microsoft' here, and they wouldn't do anything

if there were. You will have to use one of the fixes you have undoubtedly already read about.

- Win7 is on it's way out, and MS will not be changing anything between now and it's end of support.

Windows Updates from now to the end of support will be only security updates.


Hello BoosDweeb,

And thank you for taking the time to read my post and respond to it, I had this issue recently with a retail disk game called Pariah, looking this issue through the Internet, I managed to understand why it happens and also find many different ways to bypass it, many of which aren't very pretty (including deleting registry entries or renaming or deleting gameux.dll), this may cause Windows to not function properly, so I was wondering if Microsoft devs could fix this in one of the future updates, but I believe you were right, I will be too much hoping for such a change (though I'm sure it's a minor one, only changing few lines in gameux.dll), Microsoft is starting to loose interest in it's aging OS, but I still believe issues like these should still be considered due to Windows 7 still dominant market share.


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