Q: RollerCoaster Tycoon - Cannot Load/Save Games

I have had RollerCoaster Tycoon for several years now and it always worked fine.  So I went ahead and installed it on my laptop and it worked for quite a few months until one day I couldn't load my saved games, and any new game I started I couldn't save.
When I try to click the load/save game button, nothing happens.  I click it quite a few times and still nothing happens.  All it does when I click it is stop for a second as though it's going to load it, then just returns back to what it was doing before.
I tried un-installing and re-installing (using THIS method so I don't loose my progress) to see if it helped but it didn't help (I also lost my progress after I did the step where you put the time on your computer back to the original time, but I'm alright with starting again).

Also, when I exit the game a little window pops up titled "Error Trapper" and in the window there is a picture of a red "x" and beside it it says:

Exception Raised - Access Violation
Error Location: Unknown

(If you need me to post a picture of the window, then just tell me)

I have been searching for half the day for a solution but haven't found one, so if anyone has any idea on how to fix this I will be grateful.

Thanks, KingGnome

UPDATE: A patch from the answer can be found here:

When the page loads, select the patch of your language that the game is in and run it (If you live in Australia, like me, I just used the US version as the UK one didn't work).



As far as I know, there's a patch available for RCT1. Have you tried obtaining this and installing it yet?


Debugger/Reverse Engineer.

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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