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Every time i try to lauch GTA IV Game it tells me Runtime Error! R6030 - CRT Not Initialized!
Please tell me why this happens and how can i resolve it?!!





1.      Are you playing the game online or installed locally on your computer?

2.      What is the exact error message you are getting?

3.      Did you make any changes to the computer prior to the issue?


Please follow the methods listed below.


Method 1:

Let’s test the issue in clean boot.

Use the link mentioned below.

How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

NOTE: After performing troubleshooting steps, please revert the computer to start as usual (Refer step 7 from the link mentioned above)


Method 2:

Uninstall and reinstall the game and check if it works fine.

Use the link mentioned below.



I would also suggest you to contact the game manufacturer for assistance.

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