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how can I update Bad video card drivers in windows 7 for mindcraft?

Jane2016 asked on
Bad video card drivers in windows 7 for mindcraft?   Am I able to fix this?
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BossDweeb replied on
First you have to tell us what graphics card or Integrated graphics your machine uses.
You may also want to describe what is, or is not happening that led you to believe you
have 'bad' graphics drivers.
This is not twitter. You don't need to limit the number of characters in your post.
Tell us anything you think may be relevant.

You may also want to visit the Minecraft web site forums for specific to Minecraft bug fixes.

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BossDweeb replied on

According to the report you are using XP , not Win7.

To find out what graphics your machine uses go to the Start menu >
Control Panel > System, and click on the Hardware tab.
Open Device Manager and click on Display Adapter.

The first thing to do would be to update the drivers for your graphics. They should be
downloaded from your computers manufacture web site if it is a laptop or a PC from a large
company such as HP or DELL, otherwise download the drivers from the cards mfg's site.
Uninstall the current drivers and after rebooting install the drivers you have downloaded.

"Minecraft was unable to start because it failed to find an accelerated OpenGL mode."

If you have Intel HD integrated graphics is my not support OpenGL, or you may have to
jump though some hoops to use it. The link below illustrates one method of enabling
OpenGL on XP, but apparently you need an installation disk for your machine.

The error report also mentions Java, but I'm not sure it that is the problem or not.
I would not hurt to update Java in any case. The link below will get you started on that,

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