Q: Unistalled Game still shown on the "Uninstall/Change Program" menu. Game directory deleted as well. How do I remove it completely from the system?

I unistalled a game, and for good measure, I also deleted the game directory from program files. Nothing is left.....however, I still find a lingering "Game Title" in the "Uninstall/Change Program" menu. How do I remove it completely?




I would try using the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, which can be downloaded from Microsoft: To install the tool, Download and run as Administrator.   Then you need to run the tool by clicking on Start, typing Windows Install Clean Up in the search field, and clicking the Enter key.   Select the item that you want removed from the Uninstall/Change Program menu and click Remove.    Click OK to the confirmation window.  This should run rather quickly. Click Exit to close the tool.

To read more about this utility, read this article:


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