Q: Shortcut--Right Click--Properties--"Target"--I can't type into "Target"

I just purchased a dell netbook, with Windows 7. I am installing a game called Guild Wars. As most fans of the game know, you can download the entire game client and updates, by adding the command -imag at the end of the "target" under properties after right clicking on the guild wars shortcut. I was successful on installing the game, but I can't type in the "target" box in order to type -imag at the end of the directory (C://...... -imag) If anyone can help me with this problem I would really appreciate it. Once again the question is, How do I make it so I can actually type in the "Target" box?



It's compatible with Windows 7 (at least Windows 7 64-bit).

Anyway, this happens because of how Guild Wars creates a shortcut on your desktop. What you can try to do is make a new shortcut on the desktop and add the parameters you need that way. Good luck.

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