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I recently installed windows 7 on my new custom built machine about a week ago. I came across a problem when i tried to install a game [Crysis] The error occured when the installation began to copy the files and install the game. This particular game is using .cab files to install the software.

I receive an error at the begining of the installation, "error 1335 - file ... is corrupt etc. The file is there and working. I tried to install other software such as photoshop and various other games.

After searching the net i believe the problem is directed at the windows installer. Another solution i have found is that it could be down to the RAM. I ran a memory diagnostic which did find a problem. I wish to know whether there is an actual solution to fix the problem or if i will have to buy another RAM.

Methods i have tried;

1. Using msiexec /unregister and a couple other commands but am unsure if they did anything.

2.Tried to install the software off the hard drive

3. ran a registry cleaner, disk clean up and defrag

They are the methods i can remeber off the top of my head.


Any guidance or possible fixes would be greatly appreciated.





Hi Hazzerf,

You may try changing the stick to a different slot or use a different RAM stick to check if it is an issue with the RAM.

Refer the thread link below which address the same error though it with a different game.

Hope this helps.

Bindu R - Microsoft Support
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