Windows 7 search does not find partial matches - when will this be fixed or is there a workaround?

Windows search (in Windows 7 and Vista) will only find a partial filename (and file contents I assume) match if the text is at the BEGINNING of the string. It will not find a string within a filename (file content?). This greatly diminshes the value of search and I thought it would have been addressed by now.


I have a file named invoicenumber12345.doc
If I search on invoicenumber the file appears in the results. If I search on number12345, 12345 or any other subset of characters that appear in the name I get nothing.

This makes it impossible to find files based on partial knowledge.


I know I sent a letter to Joe Smith but I can't find it because I named the file lettertojoesmith.doc
Because of the search limitation, if I don't rememer the exact filename (or at least that it starts with 'letterto', I'd never find it - so what good is search?) Having to structure filenames so that you know how to search totally defeats the ability to SEARCH.

Does anyone know when this limitation will be addressed or if there's a workaround?
You can use wildcards like ? and *.
In your case: look for *12345 or *joe*smith.

In fact this is more flexible than a simple search on partial filenames.

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