Q: Windows 7 is hiding my data files. Disappearing data files.

Windows 7 is hiding my data files.  I use Word or Excel to save A7 then A8 then A9.  If I go to explore the window A7 is there but not A8 or A9.  Re-open Excel recent and it is still listed and opens.  Save again and I get the "Do you want to overwrite..." proceed and the file still does not appear in Explorer or in Excel Open dialog but recent still works.  What is happening?

Hi LowSatellite,


1. Have you tried saving the file at a different location?
2. Since when are you facing this issue?
3. Do you face the issue while you save and open only word and excel files?

You may check if you can save and open the files properly in safe mode.In Safe mode; you have access to only basic files and drivers. 
Refer to the link to start the computer in safe mode and then check -


Hope this helps.

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I have this problem and it has taken me all day to find a half solution. At first I thought it was a problem with Adobe files disappearing / being hidden but I realised it was with all files i.e. word, excel etc. If I open the save as window to resave the document there it is but if I open the folder its not there and if I hit resave it asks to overwrite it so it was obiouyl still there just hidden.

No its not a virus, its just windows 7.

I have no idea why but if you have the sort options on anything practical like date modified or type, some files get hidden (for me it was all the new files I have saved since changing over to windows 7). Only if you put it onto sort by folder, do the hidden files return.

This isn't really a long term solution as it still doesn't really explain what the problem is but hopefully you'll be able to see your stuff.

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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