Q: Stop/Fix "Please insert the last disk of the multi-volume set and click OK to continue"

(Using Win 7 32-bit up to date)

I have not used a 3.5 inch floppy disk in many years.  In addition, I have not used any device (USB, DVD or CD) that has/had any "multi-volume set" issues.

Also, AutoPlay has been disabled on my system for years.

That said, everytime I do a file/folder search I get "Please insert the last disk of the multi-volume set and click OK to continue"

How can I either determine:

  1. What causes the Error message and/or
  2. How to stop it FOREVER!

Thanks for any thoughts or ideas!





Don't know if you have found out what is doing this yet for you but I would suggest that it is your usb/flash drive. This happens when it is taken out BEFORE you have used the "Remove Safely" icon on the taskbar.

If it is indeed this, then you need to copy any information on the usb flash drive to another location and format the usb drive. Then you can copy the info back onto it and you're right to go!

This will continue to happen sometimes even if you have the properties/policies set to quick removal. I have mine set to the performance radio button and ALWAYS use the SAFE REMOVE icon on your taskbar. One time you will find that your data will be corrupted if not removed in the proper fashion, even though ssd's are supposed to be "hot swappable!" If you have a usb that has a light on it, wait until the light STOPS FLASHING before removing it. If you don't have a light on it, it is always good practice to wait another second or two after the popup window telling you it is save to remove your usb drive.



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