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Offline Files in Windows 7 will not activate

serenastra asked on
I have a very frustrating issue with one of our laptops, for which I can't find a fix anywhere:

It's a brand new laptop, and the final thing I want to do after building it is to make the user's network share available offline.  I have done this before on several other Windows 7 machines on our network with no problems.

However, when I try to enable offline files (from Sync Center, Manage Offline Files), I get the message 'Offline files is enabled but not yet active.  Rstart this computer to activate Offline Files.'  I have restarted multiple times, but the same message appears every time.

I've tried disabling, restarting then re-enabling and restarting.  Same result.
I've tried looking at GPO settings to check it's not turned off in there, which it isn't.
I've changed a registry key which forces a rebuild of the sync database.  No change.

Has anyone got any clues as to where to look next? 
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serenastra replied on

Had already read those documents, but they do not address the issue I had.  However I found this answer worked:

1. Disable Offline Files (Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Sync Center), click "manage offline files" then click disable.
2. Restart the computer
3. Delete the CSC folder (C:/Windows/CSC).  NOTE: You may have to change the permissions on the CSC folder in order to do this, and once that is done, you need to delete all the folders within the CSC folder first (starting with the farthest in, and working your way out), because the system will not allow you to delete a folder that still has anything inside it.  Once you have all the files within the CSC folder deleted, delete the CSC folder itself.  
4.  Enable offline files.
5. Restart the computer.  The CSC folder -- with its default settings, etc., will now be rebuilt, and when right-clicking a network folder, the "Always available offline" option should appear.

From this thread:


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