Not able to access shared folder on windows 7 Professinal 64bit from a windows XP professional in a same workgroup

Not able to access shared folder on windows 7 Professinal 64bit from a windows XP professional in a same workgroup.

  1. Office enviroment. We have 3 computers want to share a folder on one compter.
  2. Computer A : Windows 7 Pro. 64bit. Computer B:Windows 7 Pro. 64bit. Computer C: Windows XP Pro. 32BIT.
  3. A is the one where shared folder (DATASHEET) is located. 
  4. Created User B & C on computer A in User Group with password.
  5. Shared folder is under PUBLIC FOLDER on computer A. 
  6. User B&C have been added with full control permission on sharing and    security option on A.
  7. On computer A. The home networks Firewall is OFF. The Public networks is ON.
  8. On computer A. UAC is set to "never notify".
  9. Senario 
    1).From Computer B access to shared folder DATASHEET. Logged in with password. Success.

           2).From Computer C access to shared folder.
              * Under RUN type \\ Can see shared folder DATASHEET. Click on DATASHEET and show error message "\\\Documennts\Datasheet is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administratior of this server to find out if you have access permissions "
              * Under RUN type\\\C$ . A log-on windows popped up and asks for user name and password. Tried to use User C and User A(admin) to log in. Failed. 

What is the problem???

MVP Hans-Georg Michna has a small network troubleshooter that can often pinpoint the problem. He wrote it for XP but it may help you. - Small Network Troubleshooter by Hans-Georg Michna  - Hans-Georg Michna on Vista-XP Networking (may be useful for Win7 also)

Generally speaking if you are getting requests for usernames/passwords the cause is that you do not have matching user accounts/passwords on all the machines. You think you do but someone renamed the generic "Owner" or "HP_Administrator" account with their own name, not realizing that this doesn't change the actual account. In this case you might think you have an account "Bill" on all three computers but one of those accounts is really "Owner". You solve this particular situation by creating "Owner" on the other two computers where it is missing. Check by looking at the actual user profile names in C:\Documents and Settings in XP, C:\Users in Vista/Win7. Or you have "Bill" correctly on all three machines but the password is different on one of them, perhaps even because of a typo. So double-checking is in order.
MS-MVP - Elephant Boy Computers - Don't Panic!
Elephant Boy Computers - Don't Panic!

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