Is it possible to search for music files by duration?

I want to find all music files with a duration (length?) over 10 minutes, for example. (The one Microsoft article I found doesn't even mention "length" for music files; it mentions "duration" and doesn't tell whether the number following it is in milliseconds or years.) I can't get either to do anything (other than the canned filters like "length:long" that have nothing to do with what I want to do.) For example, "kind:music AND length:>10" takes over 15 minutes and seems like it will eventually find all music files regardless of duration. "kind:music AND duration:>10" takes the same time and finds no files. Thanks for any help.

It took me a half hour, but I figured out a way. We can search by desired length if we use numbers such that 10 million equals one second.  So, to get a file of over 10 minutes, use 10 times 60 times 10000000 = 6000000000:


To get a specific length that is displayed as 2 min 30 sec in the file details, use a range that captures the actual length with all the fractions of a second:

length:(>1490000000 <1510000000)

The above finds files at or near 150 seconds (2 min 3 sec), some of which might round to 2 min 29 sec and some of which might round to 2 min 31 sec as displayed in the file details.  I haven't figured the rounding system out so I put the range a little bit bigger than might be necessary to get files of duration 2 min 30 sec.

If I find a way to specify without the factor of 10 million, I'll report back.

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