Q: I can't extract zipped files, all I get is empty folders

I'm using Windows 7.  I haven't downloaded any other file compression/extraction software, I'm just using the built-in software.  If I try and open zipped files by choosing the 'extract files' option I am asked where I would like to save the extracted files to.  I tell it where I want them to go, all seems to go well, I am told that the files are being extracted and and a new folder is created.  When I open this folder, however, I am told that it is empty.  

Is there anyway that I can access to the built-in unzipping software to see if anything is amiss or is there an option to re-install it?

I'm reluctant to introduce third party zip software as I use my laptop for my PhD and I don't want to introduce something that will cause problems and send three years work down the drain.  






I would suggest you to do the same steps that Marilyn suggested, just with the files themselves. In addition, instead of clicking Windows Explorer to open the files, choose whichever program is appropriate for each file. For example, choose Microsoft Word for a .doc file. Etc.

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