How do I get Documents Library to display files first, then folders

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Hi - - in my My Documents folder, which is stored on a network drive in an adjoining room, I have a few thousand files, which I organize by date, followed by a couple hundred subfolders.


Obviously, I need to have the most recent files at the top, so I can access the documents I’m currently working on. The folders need to go at the bottom. This has worked fine in XP for many years.


But in Windows 7 I can’t seem to get it to arrange things normally, ie with the files at the top and the folders at the bottom. No matter what I do, it displays the folders first.


Obviously I’m missing something, because I’m sure most people arrange their My Documents this way and few people want their folders appearing first. But I can’t seem to find the settings - - they work in all other (ie non-library) folders, but not here.


Any advice would be appreciated.

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Make sure the Library is optimized for Documents (right click/Properties/Optimize settings).

Set the Arrange By menu to Modified. Set the View menu to Details.

This should show the files first by modified date and time.

Hope this helps.

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