How do I change the default (Windows 7) Paint "Save-as type" to JPG (from PNG) when saving using *only* the keyboard?

This is the 2nd time asking this same question, the 1st time I was given an irrelevant answer that wasn't helpful at all. Please take the time to read and fully understand what I am in need of before replying.

I just need to learn how to change the default format from PNG to JPG so whenever I save a screenshot using (only) the keyboard, it will already be showing JPG as the "Save as type". I'm pretty sure it requires a registry edit so just point me in the right direction and guide me on how to do it, that is all I need.

To help you understand my dilemma, I take lots of screenshots and Ctrl-V paste them into Paint practically everyday. Since my physical disabilities in my arms cause me pain and discomfort when I use the mouse, I avoid using the mouse, I use as many keyboard shortcuts as possible to help cut down on the constant pain I'm always in in my right arm when using the mouse. I hope I've explained in good enough detail.

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I don't know of any registry value, but you can use the following sequence of key presses to "Save as JPG."





The F key may be pressed simultaneously with the ALT key or after it.

You can reduce the number of keystrokes to just ALT plus a number key using the following method, adapted from the one described HERE.   The setup is much easier using a mouse, but can be done using the keyboard alone.  I've shown both mouse commands and keyboard commands to add a "Save as JPG" icon to the Quick Access Toolbar.

Open Paint

Mouse Keyboard Equivalent
Click File Menu (upper left corner) Press ALT+F to open File Menu
Hover mouse over "Save as" to open list of file types Press V to show list of file types
Right-click on JPG to open context menu Use TAB or Down Arrow to highlight JPG and then Press SHIFT+F10 to open context menu
Click "Add to Quick Access Toolbar" Press A to "Add to Quick Access Toolbar"

At this point, your setup is complete. 

With Paint open, press the ALT key.  This will show the keys associated with various actions.  In my case, the "Save as JPG" icon that was added to the Quick Access Toolbar was the fifth icon (after Save, Undo, Redo, and Print).  Thus, to "Save as JPG," I would press ALT+5 (again, you can press the 5 key either with or after you press the ALT key).

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