Corruption in large file copies to USB - Win 7 Pro 64bit SP1

I've seen other people have posted this problem, but I haven't found an answer.

When I copy large (1GB+) files from one hard disk to another (connected to the same computer), and the destination hard disk is on a USB3 port (also maybe USB2), sometimes the file becomes corrupted somewhere towards the end.  Usually, the copy is fine for 60-80% of the length but then the rest appears to be totally random data.

If I copy the same file over and over again between the same two drives, usually, I continue to get corrupt copies (but not at the same spot).

If I copy the files to a different destination drive, usually the problem goes away.

I've tried using the COPY command from the command prompt, same problem.

I've tried putting the source drive on a USB2 port so the copy goes much slower, still getting corruption.

I've run a RAM test for 6 hours with no problems found.

I tried running a "Linux" OS on the same computer with the drives plugged into the same ports, and the copies were all good!  But much slower (approx 30MB/sec instead of 100MB/sec).

Since Windows doesn't check file copy accuracy, this would be a big problem even if it wasn't repeatable - but since it happens "all the time" and "over and over" with the same files, it's just plain crazy!

I have one other strange memory issue.  I have two 4GB DRAM sticks in my computer, but Properties shows my memory as:
"8.00 GB installed (3.98 GB usable)"  and right under that it says  "64-bit operating system" - so why can't it use half my memory?

Processor: AMD FX-6100 3.3GHz  NOT overclocked - ASRock 990FX Extreme 4 motherboard

Note that I don't have any problem with other programs writing large files to the same hard disk, for example the output of a video editing program does not have a problem.


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It's the X-Fast USB program that comes with ASROCK motherboard.
If you have X-Fast USB running (and you'd know it), UNINSTALL IT, reboot, and this problem may go away.  Then please contact ASRock and let them know that their program is ruining your life.
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