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I've been having problems with my Norton Ghost backups, which hang at the very end of the backups, preventing their completion.

But now, I think it's not a Ghost problem:  Frequently when I delete a set of files using Windows Explorer, it's hanging at the end as well.  This makes me think it's a deeper problem within the Windows file system software. 

To be explicit, within Windows Explorer I select a set of files and then right mouse click and Delete.  A dialog comes up to track the deletions, file by file.  The deletion takes place (they are removed from the display of files), yet the dialog remains - and it will remain indefinitely.

I'm suspecting that this failure to cleanly complete simple file operations is related to my hangs in Ghost backups.




Method 1: Check if the recycle bin is exceeding the storage capacity.

“Change the Recycle Bin settings”

Method 2: Try deleting the files in safe mode.

“Start your computer in safe mode”




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