'Windows desktop Gadgets has stopped working' when click on a gadget

original title: Windows 7 gadgets not working???

whenever i click the gadgets button,the error message ' Windows desktop Gadgets has stopped working' appears and all the gadgets are vanished.please help me(already ienabled UAC and i also tried the windows features turn off or on technique).




sorry there was a error.

... already i enabled UAC and i also tried the windows features turn off or on technique

That's good to hear. I have collected a number of the more complex solutions offered for this problem with the desktop gadgets and combined them into a command line (.CMD) batch file that any Windows 7 user with access to administrative credentials (e.g. username and password) can run.

If you want to try an automated process to repair your desktop gadgets, create a restore point first. I've run the batch file script over 30 times on 3 very different Windows 7 computers with no ill effects but I cannot be responsible for yours.

The file is located on my SkyDrive. If you want to use it to repair your desktop gadgets, or simply examine the batch file for your own purposes, click here. A complete list of command actions used is available at the bottom of this post.

Figure 1.0 - FixMyGadgets.cmd Batch file on SkyDrive

Click the document on the left to initiate your download. Select Save from the File Download - Security Warning dialog and save it to your desktop when the Save As dialog appears. It is a small file and should take no more than a few seconds.

While you are waiting those few seconds, close all running programs so you have a clean desktop.

Figure 1.1 - FixMyGadgets.cmd Desktop Icon

When the download is complete, locate the FixMyGadgets icon on your desktop and right click it, then select Run as administrator to gain Elevated Privileges. Supply administrative credentials if asked. It cannot perform some tasks without Elevated Privileges.

Figure 1.2 - FixMyGadgets.cmd Running in Console Window

When the batch file runs, it presents a chance to stop the automated repair procedure. Press Ctrl+C then confirm to halt the batch file here or press any other key to let the process run through.

When the process has run through, read the logged .TXT file and note its location (and/or Save As). While you should be able to immediately repopulate your desktop gadgets, I recommend restarting the computer in order that Windows can rebuild your Internet Security Zones to defaults. When the computer restarts, you can immediately repopulate your desktop gadgets.

List of FixMyGadgets Commands

  1. Starts a .TXT log file with the date and time
  2. Stops the sidebar.exe process
  3. Looks for a Settings.old file within the SideBar folder and deletes it if found
  4. Renames the Sidebar's Settings.ini to Settings.old
  5. Unregisters two Sidebar .DLLs
  6. Reregisters six .DLLs including the two previously unregistered
  7. Queries the registry's Internet Zones key and logs results
  8. Exports the registry's Internet Zones key to a .REG file in the %TEMP% folder
  9. Deletes the registry's Internet Zones key (will be reset to defaults by Windows on restart)
  10. Restarts the sidebar.exe process
  11. Logs the finish time to the .TXT log file
  12. Notes location of the log file and launches itself in Notepad.

Comments and concerns welcomed.

  • "Have you tried turning it off and then on again?" - Roy from 'The IT Crowd' (Emmy award-winning British comedy)

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