Windows 7 desktop background is pixelated no matter what size/resolution source file is

I am experiencing a very annoying issue with Windows 7 after having upgraded from Vista. No matter what I do, I cannot display my desktop background under the "Personalize" menu without it looking like a badly compressed jpeg with horrible compression artifacts throughout the image. The source files I use are the exact same size as my desktop resolution and are lossless png's that look fine when opened in an image viewing program. I have tried using every lossless file format (bmp, png) but the result is the same. Oddly enough, I found a fix in a forum that states if you open the image you want to set as a background image in either IE or Firefox, then right click and select "Set as desktop background", it does so and the same image is shown without these horrible compression artifacts.
Is Microsoft putting in a fix for this, or at the very least providing an explanation of why images set as a desktop background through the "Personalize" menu are horribly compressed but are fine if you do extra steps and 'Set as Background' through an internet browser?
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In order to troubleshoot your issue, first I would like to verify that you are able to use a saved picture on your computer and use as wallpaper at full screen with no issues. In order to perform these suggest you to change a picture’s file type/file format and verify if it helps. Though digital pictures come in a variety of file formats, most of the pictures on your computer probably use the common JPEG format. Most digital cameras save pictures in the JPEG format to maintain good visual quality without creating large files. In addition, many programs can only open pictures that are saved in the JPEG format. If you have a picture stored in another file format, such as TIFF or bitmap, you can make a copy of it in JPEG format. It's also possible to save a copy of a JPEG picture in a different format. When you save a copy of a picture in a different format, the original picture is not replaced. Please let us know if this helped!

To save a picture in a different file type
1.Click to open Windows Photo Gallery.
2.Click the picture you want to change.
3.On the toolbar, click Open, and then click Paint. Paint will open with your picture displayed.
4.Click the File menu in Paint, and then click Save As.
5.Click the Save as type list, and then click the file type you want to use to convert your picture.
6.Click Save.
Notes: If you want to protect a JPEG picture from additional loss of visual quality, you can save it as a TIFF, which, unlike a JPEG, does not lose small amounts of visual quality every time it is edited and saved. Paint does not work with all file formats. For example, you cannot open a picture in RAW format by using Paint. For file types that Paint does not support, you should use a photo editing program.

In addition, suggest you to visit the below mentioned link, where the customer had similar issue and the problem was resolved.

Also, you can change the Desktop background by typing change desktop background in the search box in start menu.

Hope this helps resolve your issue!

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Supreeth - Microsoft Support.
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