Q: The bottom of my windows are obscured by the task bar when you maximize them

I have windows 7 and recently, the task bar has started obscuring the bottom of my windows, for example, when I have an excel document open and maximised, you can't access the different work sheets because they are hidden behind the task bar.  I don't know that happened.  I tried to fix this with auto hide on the task bar settings but found this very annoying as then it means I can't see my task bar or it keeps popping up or disappearing which is annoying.  I don't want to reset my computer to earlier settings if possible.  Is there a simple non-geek explanation that I can follow easilly on how to fix this as I am finding this so annoying.  Thanks



Thanks to everyone who replied, the problem just resolved itself after I shut down my lap top and restarted it again.  The reason I had not done that earlier was that it wouldn't turn off no matter how many times I tried shutting it down.  So I finally just kept my finger on the power switch until it eventually shut down and now I don't have a problem with windows maximising behind the task bar.  Very happy.

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