My Desktop files and shortcuts to folders have disappeared

original title: My Desktop files  (pictures, pdfs, psds, txt etc) as well as shortcuts to folders have disappeared. Where could files go to?

One day it was fine. The next, a whole bunch of icons, files, folders were missing. A few are still there, the others are not. I've been racking my brain for if I installed anything. And I uninstalled those programs. No change. I had files I just used on my desktop and they're gone. Photos, psd files, pdfs, note files, things I need and they're gone!

What could be behind this problem and how do I get them back? The only thing I remember changing was McAfee. It was giving me trouble. I called support. They uninstalled and reinstalled. But they were fine after that. No change until yesterday.

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No need for a restore. Thanks for the assistance.
However, somehow loads of programs and files were placed as 'hidden' (not sure how that happened yet)
I was able to fix half of them, still some programs are not accessible. But working through the problem.

For those of you with the same problem.
As all my files and folders have returned! And are fine phew! All is better!


If my memory serves me correctly as It's been quite awhile. I opened 'My Computer" clicked 'Desktop' at the top left. Then I clicked 'Organize' then 'Folder and Search Options' Then 'view' then I looked for 'Hidden files and folders' and selected 'show hidden files folders and drives.' Click 'OK." - That worked for me.

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