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How do I get to My Network Places in Windows 7?

iamjoekewl asked on

Windows 7: Location of My Network Places


i need to know how to get to my network places. i did it on previous installs but i cant remember which file it was
i made a shortcut from a file in windows system folder or system 32 folder. does anyone know name of file that i need
to make it into a shortcut

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rbailin replied on

The Windows XP functionality of My Network Places, being able to create a shortcut to a specific folder on a network resource, has been moved to the Computer folder.

Either click on Computer from the Start Menu or click on Computer in Windows Explorer.

Right-click anywhere in the blank area of the right-side pane, and choose "Add a Network Location". On the 2nd screen, double-click on Choose a Custom Location to open the familiar dialog box from XP. Browse to your network folder and add it.

When your done, the new link will appear in the Computer folder under Network Locations. It will no longer appear in the Network folder where it used to be in XP.

A poor, arbitrary UI change, but at least there's a workaround.

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