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I'm having a Windows 7 problem that when I have a few open windows for different programs minimized on the taskbar and I try to maximize them again, they won't maximize.  Sometimes they appear to maximize off the right side of the desktop, and sometimes they won't maximize at all.  I have to close the program down and then re-open it.  When it happens in Internet Explorer I can get it maximized again if I right click on the taskbar icon and select Open New Tab.  Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?



To turn off Aero snap:

1.  Click Start.
2.  Type snap into the search box.
3.  When Turn off Automatic Window Arrangement comes up, click it.
4.  Check the [ ] next to Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen.

I'm not confident that this will solve your problem, but keeping fingers crossed.

Can you be more specific about what you're trying to do, exactly?  In re-reading your original post, I am wondering if you're not using the term "Maximized" as expected. 

Normally, when a window is on screen, and doesn't cover the entire screen, that's considered a normal windowed view, sometimes called "Restored".  Maximized", by contrast, is when the window covers the entire screen.

Are you saying a window Restores off screen?  If so, it may be that the coordinates of the window have been stored improperly (I've seen this happen before).  There's a way to "get hold" of those windows, and move them back on-screen.  To do so, try this:

1.  Restore the window you want to see (e.g., by clicking on it on the Taskbar).
2.  Press these keys:  Hold down Alt and press the space bar once.
3.  Now press the M key (for "Move").
4.  Now move your mouse.  You should see a 4-way arrow cursor.
5.  Now press any of the arrow keys on your keyboard, and you will find you have hold of the window and can move it anywhere you like.
6.  Close the window and it should remember where you left it for next time.

FYI, you can also access additional Window manipulation features by holding down the shift key when clicking on a Taskbar button.

Good luck.


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