Q: Cant access a application

When i tried to open a file it opened as usual and out of the windows bar came the normal screen but it kept going and stopped off screen. I can not see it on my desktop and i can not use a stacked windows option to select it. i can not move it since when i UNminimize it the screen pops up outside the view of the desktop. How do i drag the window back onto the desktop. i tried hovering over the icon right clicking it then move but when i left right or center click to drag it the cross bar disappears. i tried restarting it but it appears in the same place help???



Right-click on the app on the taskbar and choose "move" again, but then instead of trying to use your mouse, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. (left-right-up-down, depending on where the app is going.)  If you are using Windows 7, it is "Shift + Right-click" to get the menu with Move on it.


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