Q: Can't save properties of folders

I create a folder, call it TEST,  on my desktop and click on "ORGANIZE" and then "LAYOUT"  and turn off the "NAVIGATION PANE"  this is the way I want this folder to appear.  I then close the folder.  If I re-open it right away it looks as I left it.  However, now I click on "WINDOWS EXPLORER"  and it does not have a "NAVIGATION PANE" which it needs, so I click on "ORGANIZE" then "LAYOUT" and then "NAVIGATION PANE".  I finish with "WINDOWS EXPLORER" and close it and go back to my "TEST" folder and lo and behold it has a "NAVIGATION PANE".  Shouldn't I be able to maintain different appearances for different folders and applications?



Windows 7 does not have that capability. What ever is the last setting is what is remembered for all folders.
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