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I really love Windows 7's feature of being able to drag a window to the left or right top half and then the window resizing to that half side.

HOWEVER, with a dual monitor setup, this is impossible to do on the inside halfs of the monitors .  I have 2 monitors 1 and 2.  on the right half of 1 and left half of 2, i cannot drag and resize to those areas.  i can on the left half of 1 and the right half of 2. 

The above is copied from another post that i could not reply too!  I am curious if there is a planned fix for this?



Matt Morgano



No fix planned. It's expected behavior. You will have to size and place the windows. "Snap" will not do that.
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Mark L. Ferguson MS-MVP
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Mark L. Ferguson (former MVP)

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