Quick Tip: Add Personal Folders to the Start menu

Technical Level : Basic


If you need access to your frequently accessed personal folders, ie. Documents, Music or Pictures, you can add them to the Start menu.


Click Start > Settings (or press Windows key + i)

Click Personalization

Click Start (tab) then click the link Choose which folders appear on the Start

Click the On/Off toggle to enable to the folder you like to see on the Start menu

Thats it!


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I am unable to use this customization feature as all but one of the selections are grayed out.
same with me see this file how to enable this grey out button of file explorer  & others


I have currently selected Documents, Downloads and Personal Folder to display. They display properly but they do not work when clicked on. No folders open.

I have File Explorer selected as well and that one works as it should.

Any solutions? Thank you.

The instructions are clear and simple, thank you.  Of course, the list of folders that I can choose to appear on start is all wrong.  I have already told Windows what folders are important to me using "Pin to Quick access" in File Explorer.  The only list that makes sense here is exactly that list, the ones I have decided are important.