How to: create a Local Account in Windows 10

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When you setup Windows 10 for the first time whether it is a clean install or upgrade from a previous version, you are defaulted to creating a Local Account. If you want to create additional local accounts after setting up Windows 10, you will notice no such option is available in the Accounts Setting. The option is to either connect an existing account to a Microsoft Account or create a Microsoft Account. In this article, we show you how to create a Local Account.


What is a Microsoft Account?

Since the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has embraced the Cloud as a first class citizen in Windows. Making it a primary part of authenticating on Windows using a Microsoft Account. Microsoft Accounts can be either a (,, or domain. The benefits of a Microsoft Account are numerous when using modern versions of Windows such as Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. They allow you to sync your personal files to Microsoft's online storage service called OneDrive.

In addition to that, a Microsoft Account allows syncing of personalized settings which includes Themes, Internet Explorer Favourites, permits access to the Store so you can download your apps and easily share them with your other Windows PCs running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. The ultimate benefit being is the ability to easily move between devices. I personally use my Microsoft Account with all my Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 devices. It also provides security benefits too, making it more difficult to tamper with your user account because of technologies like two factor authentication.

Regardless of these benefits, persons still prefer to log into Windows the traditional way, just like they have been doing for more than 20 years when Windows NT 3.1 was released. Windows 10 still retains this option and procedure is very easy to setup. I will look at two ways of doing it.

Press Windows key + X

Click Computer Management

Expand Local Users and Groups

Click Users

Right click then click New User

Enter the information for the account such as User Name, Full Name, Description (optional) and the password, confirm it.

Uncheck 'User must change password at next logon' if this account is for your purposes and and uncheck the 'Password never expires' box. If the account is for someone else, leave the defaults.

Click Create then Close

Thats it!

Method 2:

Press Windows key + R

Type: control userpasswords2

Hit Enter or click OK

Click Add

Click Sign in without a Microsoft account (not recommended)

Click Local account

Enter your account information then click Next

Click Finish

Thats it!

Method 3

You can use the command line as another way to create a local account.

Press Windows key + X

Click Command Prompt (Admin)

We are going to attempt to create a new user account.

Example: net user Username Password /add

Where there is Username replace with the account name and where there Password replace with the desired password.

Example: net user adacosta2 pwhelp /add

Press Enter on your keyboard

You should see the following message The command completed successfully.

Type exit to close the command prompt.

Restart the machine and try logging into the new account.

Thats it.


How to: connect to a Microsoft Account in Windows 10

How to: Create a Local Account during Out of Box Experience Setup

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Local Users and Groups doesn't exist, but Method 2 seems to have worked.

Since my desktop is pretty secure in my apartment, I'm pretty sure it doesn't need a password as strong as I have on online accounts. So I'm stuck asking myself which of 3 bad options to pick from:

  1. Go without the perks of the Microsoft account
  2. Log into my machine with an inconvenient and unnecessarily long password
  3. Make my entire Microsoft account less secure by changing the password just so I can log into the machine quickly.

Am I missing a 4th option that would let me log into my machine quickly but still benefit from my Microsoft account? Can't I eat my cake and have it too?

Any recommendations on this would be helpful.

Edit: Option 3 doesn't seem to work for me because it won't let me use previous passwords on my Microsoft account. Someone please tell me there's a 4th option.

I don't see advantage to use the Hotmail account to access my PC:

I don't like all my systems share settings (the differents settings are wanted, I need it)

I don't need "automatically get" on line apps content

I don't need "direct access" to the app store, I rather access it "just when and if I need it".

In the contrary I don't agree to save my system account and password on external server (MS or other then MS).

That's why I don't use Hotmail account to access my system, but Cortana doesn't work because has not its own Hotmail account to access the server.

So, when Microsoft will divide local user account from Hotmail account so that I can use Cortana without sharing my password with MS?

To do this it's enough that Cortana access the Hotmail account after I logged in on my system with my personal account and password.

Waiting news about


I don't see the point in making Local Account. If You don't have Microsoft Account, I strongly recommend not to use Windows 10. I created Local Account and it was replaced with Microsoft Account every time I log in some Microsoft service. I believe it to be a serious security issue, since anyone with a Microsoft account and access to your device, can lock You out.
the man  has a good point here, he simply wants his privicy
"Upgrading" to Windows 10 has been a nightmare. They broke Norton 360 (even though Symantec swears they were ready - they aren't). Now I had to hand replace almost all of my password. The latest is Hotmail. Since I've been using Outlook 2013  I thought it would be easy to update the password. OUTLOOK can't seem to get the password to be accepted even though the same one can be used via the web site without issue! Arrgh! As to cross linking everything like Microsoft want is as the other commenters have already stated is just plain nuts.

Windows 10 is bugged. It is a nightmare having chosen to update from 8.1. I thought it would solve me the problems that were there in 8.1. Instead it created new ones.

The user profiles created are all messed up. My user profile created by Level 2 MS support is called test. They are neither able to rename this to my user name nor create another to have this deleted. Copying a profile involves several GB of data. I wish I knew what it is doing, since I hardly have any data under them. They promise me that these and other issues will get ironed out in the saga of updates that is to come.

I, for one, am very irritated by the fact that Microsoft tries to force an online account and doesn't give a clear option to create a local account. So many aspects of Windows are now like this. As a previously avid Microsoft user and even an old MCSE 4.0 certificate holder, I'm dismayed to find how difficult it is to use Microsoft software and services these days.

My specific issue here is that I just created an account for two of my kids so I could grant access to my desktop computer. When I tried to log in using their credentials, Windows told me the password was incorrect.  I JUT CREATED IT and did not forget it in the following 5 minutes!!  This has happened to me before and now I can't recover a password, I can only change it and then I have to use a different password! Microsoft's security procedures are so frazzling!

unplug the internet when setting up an account, that way it will be a local account and NO Need for passwords at all. :)
Someone with access to your PC logs in to some Microsoft service and You are locked out on your own computer.

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