How to: Complete the Windows 10 Out of Box Experience

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The Out of Box Experience or OOBE for short is the phase of Windows setup that allows you to customize your Windows 10 experience. Some of the task you can accomplish include defining personalized settings, create user accounts, join a business network, join a wireless network and define privacy settings. In this article, we take a closer look at the options presented whether you upgrade from a previous version or perform a clean install.


Depending on how Windows 10 was installed you might see different options. The following is based on using retail Windows 10 media. If you purchase Windows 10 preloaded on a new device, you might see additional screens with specific OEM offerings; also you might see different screens if you are using Windows 10 Enterprise edition.

If you did not enter a product key during setup, you might be prompted to enter one.

Other wise, you can skip entering a key and do that after. Click Do this later. Please note, if you upgraded using Windows Update, you will not be prompted to enter a product key since it is pre-keyed.

The above screen is where you can choose to either carefully customize your Windows experience or Use Express settings and let Windows 10 decide whats best for you. Please note, you can always adjust these options after setup. For now lets just use the Express option.

Create an account and Welcome Back

If you performed a clean install, you will need to create an account so you can authenticate on Windows. A user account keeps your personal data safe. Enter a user name, create a password, confirm it and provide a hint just in case you forget it. If you upgraded from a previous version, you will be prompted to log in. If you are using Windows 10 Enterprise edition, you might be offered the option to join a Domain which is a type of account that authenticates on a business network.

If a Wireless network is available, you can connect to one. Click Next

Wait while Windows 10 prepares bundled Universal Apps, this screen won't be here for long.

Log in and you are now ready to start using Windows 10.

If you want to configure settings you might have skipped during the OOBE, open Privacy from within Settings.

If you would like to enter or update your product key, open Settings > Update & Security > Activation > Change product key


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Image of everything above labeled as the word image with no link, can you type out one regarding windows 10 enterprise and third party application settings preinstalled please?
I can see that widows 10 is installed but the oobe is stopping it being accessed how do I by-pass it and do the setup later as I am experienced with win10

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