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Netflix Error 0x80240014

StephaniRoper asked on
Netflix stopped working on my HP pavillion x360. I uninstalled the app and now when I try to reinstall it, I get error code 0x80240014. Can anyone help?
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anderslopesam replied on

Hi, people,

I think I've found the solution. If you've tried to install the Netflix app, but you get the aforementioned error code, the trouble is that Windows is unable to identify the installation, not that it is unable to install the app. In other words, the installation has been successful despite the error message. To see this, open the command prompt and type

explorer shell:AppsFolder

That will open the folder where Windows universal apps are saved. Now just look for the Netflix app, double click it and that's it! Fill in your login info and the it will be working again. You can also right click the app icon in the apps folder and create a shortcut for it if you are still having trouble finding the app.

By the way, after all that, Windows Store will still only give you the option of installing the app, not of starting it.

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