Can't access or gain DreamSpark account for my schoo's online store.

I am a student at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, USA; am active, enrolled, in good standing and have verifiable credentials of these statuses. When I access I...

  • Follow the path to "look for Software through my school",
  • Input my school name and select the Dreamspark program applicable to me (Dreamspark Standard  is what I chose out of two available options - the second one requires more specific qualifications I do not have),
  • Get a message saying "you are leaving and being taken to your school ELMS page", and I select OK,
  • Am taken to a new page labeled "Microsoft Dreamspark - Portland State University - Dreamspark Standard) and shown an online store.

When I pick any piece of software and attempt to download or obtain it I am prompted to login again.

I have used every single email address and password I have (of course starting with the one to get into and my school logins) and it says "account not found".

There are two options, one to "finish registration with username given to me" OR two to "request an account". I do not have any knowledge of a username being assigned to me and have filled out the account request and NEVER heard back from anyone in several weeks.

I have contacted everyone I can think of at the school (IT dept administrators and so forth) and none of them know how to get in (most ask me what website I'm talking about or say they have not heard of Microsoft Dreamspark or online student store and tell me to go check out the bookstore).

I've tried other channels to contact Microsoft other than the only option available which is filling out a form on Dreamspark's site (I have filled one out several times and never got an email back and did check spam too). I called 800 numbers for Microsoft I could find online, chatted online with the regular store site, etc.

Can someone please assist if they're have any info at all? The alternative is buy software at a minor discounted rate or retail price which is several hundred dollars at least. Thanks.


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