Windows 10 update fails yet again - June 2018

So here we go again. There have been 3 major updates to the WIN 10 OS and all have been colossal failures. They take over your computer for 6-10 hours or more, crash, reinstall previous version.... repeat. This is truly a horror story yet again. On the first update, I lost use of my computer for a week while it **** around with these failures. The 2nd, almost a month of interruptions. And on this latest one, just had the first 6+ hour steal and crash. I write this on my Mac which is quickly becoming my system of choice given these ineptitudes. MS try hiring some competent programmers who can send out updates that actually work quickly and efficiently the first time! I look forward to the coming weeks of crashes as it tries and fails over and over and over and over......

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So first lock up is at 75% (6 hours) and requires a hard reset. Second crash at 82% is fatal (8 hours), then over to restore previous version. Congratulations, I award Windows 10 worst ever OS. Please stop taking over my computer for extended periods with products that ultimately fail.
I am haveing the exact same problems will all of the updates of windows 10, spent 1000$ upgradeing my computer because micro soft convinced me my mother board was the problem and it was out of date and thats why, oh no i cant be their side thats the problem. So now im haveing the same problem with june 2018 update but instead of just crashing it seems to have deleted winload.esi (i think thats the file) but right now its a paper weight. And what pisses me off the most is you cant say no i dont want your damn upgrade. 

I have started to consider the windows engineering (?) team a group of not very clever people. They're not that smart. They don't learn the lesson. They don't fix what they break. They continue breaking. What they continue positively to do, is to fill windows with useless and disturbing features. And often after an update (of course when it works) they reset my computer configuration. They want to convince me to use other default programs. They continue to add or enable (or re-enable if I had disabled them) some absurd features and services that make my old laptop run high on cpu and/or disk. It's always a fight to remove these features. More often than not, when I use windows I lose calm and kindness and I become ferocious against all these uncomfortable situations. When will the windows gang stop thinking that they're important, and start thinking that the customer is important, so they should give her/him something that works, that doesn't consume too many resources, that updates silently, quickly and only when the customer allows ? When will you make Windows a pleasant experience ? When will you try to care about customer satisfaction (because at the moment you haven't even started, I want to think, or otherwise you're very poor at this job). You have made me become a hater.

Windows 10 is worst than the combined O/S starting with DOS 3.1.
On one PC got a blank/black screen after update and restart.
Took about 5 hours to restore previous version.

On other PC power down with updates and power on this morning PC wont connect to Internet/router.  I will now have to spend time backing off its update.
Good thing I have a Win 7 available, which will not be updated to Win 10.

I know this is going to sound weird but if you have a Wi-Fi card plugged into your motherboard, it can cause the problem of black screen at 75% lockup. When powered back up the computer continues to the 81% or 82% point then the screen freezes at that point.  When manually powered down the computer attempts to recover update, fails, and then reverts to the previous version.

There are several threads that address this issue.

and more...

What it amounts to is an Anatel Wi-Fi card causes major problems with the Win10 updates since 1607. The easiest workaround is to physically remove the Anatel Wi-Fi card from the computer and then allow the update to run.  Just disabling the Wi-Fi card in device manager generally does not allow the update to complete. Nor does disabling or removing the driver. A lot of people have solved their update problem by removing the Wi-Fi card physically from the computer.

I do not know if this will help you. I'm just another very frustrated Win10 customer with a Gateway computer. I am currently on Win10 1803 (originally a Win 7). Removing the Anatel Wi-Fi card allowed me to update to this point.

Please read through those threads to see if it might apply to your circumstance. 

I hope this information helps.   

Thanks for the info. My card is not the Anatel, but even if it was, a solution that requires the disassembly of your hardware is NOT acceptable. MS needs to get this resolved without the user community resorting to extremes to meet THEIR needs. How about meeting the client needs instead. If you are not serving your customer, someone else is, as eluded to by my handle. Never have I had to resort to any such acrobatics and time wastage's to have an update installed on my Mac! 
I agree completely.  I personally feel that Win10 is unsuitable for any critical application.

And not to belabor the point, (well OK I am belaboring the point), the person, remaker, who originally solved this issue (he's just another user like me) posted:

Pull out the PCIe Wireless card and run the update again. Wireless cards based on the RT3090 PCIe wireless card hang every Windows Update since the Creators update, including the Fall Creators Update and the April 2018 update. (1703, 1709, 1804).

In my thread, a lot of people have reported this problem with Acer / Gateway computers but it has been reported on HPs, Asus, and many others. People have reported the device manager identifies it as everything from Raylink, Realtec, Asus, and others. In my case Device manager identified it as Realtec. After I pulled out, I saw an Anatel manufacturer sticker on it.

Please don't think I'm trying to persuade you to stick with Microsoft. I'm not.

I'm just putting this info here for others who might come across your thread in the forum.

Here is an alternative  solution to the Blank/Black screen.
The key is power off/on quickly to get the AOS menu.

So decided to try this out when I saw that the update was again pending. Pulled the card (no easy task, but not too laborious), update was done in literally 5 minutes vs the 6-8 hours previous attempts took before crashing. Nice one. However, I still contend that the user community should not be required to modify their hardware in order for an update to be installed. Lets find the solution MS folks.

On the brighter side, cleaned out 7 years of dust while I was in there..... lol.

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